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  • Put simply, a HTML prototype is a design that's created in HTML and CSS, and viewed in the web browser.
  • HTML prototypes allow us to design responsively, with interactions to simulate what it's like to use a real, responsive application.
  • A prototype is useful for usability testing, client presentations, designer-developer communication, and integration with your pattern library.

  • Easy to use

    A HTML prototype is fantastic for usability testing. Once you have designed your prototype, put it in front of users to get valuable feedback and iterate on the design.

  • Login in 5 second

    A HTML prototype is more versatile than using mockups for testing, as you can simply send someone a link to view it in their browser as an actual, working interface.

  • Made with love

    Clients love seeing HTML prototypes early in the design phase. It gives them the chance for feedback on something that feels real.

  • Great solutions

    The prototype is also useful as an internal tool for bringing the team to a shared understanding of a feature, which is essential for a smooth design and development process.

  • Lean development

    A HTML prototype should never be considered production-ready. The prototype is still in the design phase, so you can take shortcuts with the HTML and CSS to get it done quicker.

    The point is to illustrate an idea as best you can. Production ready code happens when the feature is being built.

    That being said, front and back end developers may find the prototype to be a very handy reference point for writing the production code.


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